the best way to organize your living room to conserve space

The living room allows conjures unforgettable family memories because it’s the area of our house where we gather and bond. It’s where we do leisure activities and it’s also where we entertain our guests. Sometimes, with the limited space we have for our living rooms, it is only right to know how we can optimize the space and create the best and ideal living room setup for our homes.

Here are some tips on how to arrange your living room for maximum space:

how to properly arrange your living room to maximize home space


Before finalizing the placement of your furniture and home decorations, plan out and understand the traffic patterns so you can get in and out of the room with ease. Be sure to create accessible and functional pathways.


Know just what kind of living room you want. If you plan to have a living room which focuses on socializing, create cozy sitting arrangements and include a coffee table. If you wish to have a living room for watching television, gaming or entertainment, position chairs, couches and love seats facing the viewing area.

Know the Measurement of Your Living Room

Determining just how large or small your living room is can help in knowing the kinds of furniture you can set up in your space. Start with knowing the type of living room you want, then choose the types of furniture you want, based on functionality and size.

Make Use of Multifunctional Furniture

Choose seating which has features for storage. Have tables which can be converted into even larger tables. Choose furniture that has more than just one function in order to optimize space. This way, you can do more and have more utilizing less space and furniture.

Focal Points

Determine focal points in your living room. It may be lovely windows or a gorgeous fireplace. Arrange your furniture to compliment the focal points to make the space look more inviting and elegant. This tip is especially ideal for small living rooms which will make them look larger, brighter and more stylized.

the best way to organize your living room to conserve space

Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors create an optical illusion of making a room bigger. Take advantage of the illusion and incorporate them in your living room. You’ll be surprised at the difference a single mirror can do for your lounge. Experiment with small and large mirrors and know the type or combination that best suits your space.

Utilizing mirrors may not affect the living room size but it can create a feel and illusion of a larger area. This helps your living room appear as if you have more space than what you actually just have.

Your living room reflects your lifestyle. Know the concept you want for your living room and implement the tips above to maximize the use of space. Understand the traffic pattern, know the functionality and the dimension of your living room, make use of its focal points and incorporate mirrors. Follow these tips and it will help you to arrange your living room for maximum space.