enjoy your morning and sleep with a good bedroom environment

Are you getting bored with your current bedroom setup?

You might have noticed your bedroom has gotten quite messy so you cleaned it. After doing so, you find that it is still dull.

Spice up your boring bedroom. Get a makeover and customize it and turn it into a seemingly brand new room.

You don’t have to spend a lot to accessorize your room and to give it a makeover. There are a lot of simple and inexpensive ways to do it. Read below some of the tips and ideas on how to spruce up your boring bedroom

improve your personal space and boring bedroom area

How to Spruce Up Your Boring Bedroom

1. Set up a Bedside Table

Put a bedside table in your room and commit to making it free from clutter. Add an accent to it by placing either a frame, a flower vase, or even a table lamp. A bedside table gives a certain ambiance to your room which makes it less dull.

2. Light It Up

Aside from the main lighting that you have in your bedroom, add some accent lighting. You may want to put a table or stand lamp with a yellow light. This gives a more relaxing ambient to your bedroom especially when you just want to have a cozy, comfortable night.

3. Throw a Patterned Carpet

Is the wall of your bedroom apartment colored neutral? Get rid of the dullness by throwing in a patterned carpet on your floor. Using a carpet is one of the many easy tricks to transform a room from dull to exciting.

4. Add a Bookcase

A bookcase adds a dimension to your room, both literally and figuratively. Put a shelf or a hanging type bookcase with minimal design in your room. You can then try decorenjoy your morning and sleep with a good bedroom environmentating it by putting a frame of a painting in between sets of books. You may also want to put a wine bottle instead of a frame, or anything minimal.

5. Color One Side of Your Wall

Another trick to spice up a boring bedroom is by painting one side of your wall with a vibrant color. Your wall can be all white on one side, or colored pink or navy blue, or it can be cream with one side that is orange or green on the other. Try experimenting with different color schemes to achieve the perfect blend.

6. Throw up Some Colors

If you are afraid to paint your wall, you can still add some colors by utilizing colored bed sheets, pillows, or comforters. Your bed can be the masterpiece of your bedroom, so draw attention to it.

Spruce Up Your Personal Space

Your bedroom is a personal space where you can do almost anything, so do anything to make it comfortable not only for sleeping, but also to be used for studying, working, reading, or even just sleeping. Liven up your personal space with these clever ways to spice up your boring bedroom into a brand new one.