Security is essential in every home, as the criminals are getting smarter, so also are the home security devices company building more intelligent systems to help monitor your home.


There are a lot of home security companies around that offer these devices, and so the only challenge a family may face is choosing the right brand. Now there is no hard and fast rule about what companies to look out for in your choice. It is all dependent on your family security budget, but to provide a more secure home for your family. There must be specific components a home security system should have in its network; these are the following:

   A central control panel: This may be tagged as the brain of the home security devices, this equipment take in the signals from the attached security devices and acts based on the signals received. For example, say a sensor is attached to the front door to notice an unwanted entry, if an occurrence occurs, the sensor would transfer a signal to the central control panel. This signal is what the central control panel would act upon to either ringing an alarm, call the police, or send you an SMS message, whatever option you set it to do in such situations. And so, the central control panel is the most important aspect of the home security system. It may be connected to your home Wi-Fi or a GSM network for remote access.

   Motion sensors: Just as the name suggests, these sensors detect and report unwanted movements or vibrations in the house to the central control panel. They could make use of infrared, X-rays, ultrasonic waves and the likes. The most common are infrared rays. This is particularly useful for the detection of burglars or intruders in your absence or during your rest hours. This little device is every burglar’s nightmare and, so it should make up part of your security must haves.

   Camera: Now you know there is an intruder in your home, the sensors have sensed the movements/vibrations, but what if it’s a false alarm? It could be your kid looking to have a midnight snack or your pet just roaming around the house.


You need a camera to observe what is going on in/around your home when you are not there. Although research is currently in the works by using an efficient automated stranger detector that would alert when a potential threat is lurking around the perspective, it is made to cover as a virtue of its position. Just as the sensor enables your system feel, the camera gives your security system a vision.

Carbon monoxide detector: This helps detect a fire outbreak by monitoring the carbon monoxide (the smoke that comes out of fire) content in a room. It is usually placed in the kitchen to detect fire incidents that may emanate from the cooking. It is also connected to the central control panel which can be set to either ring an alarm, call the fire services or whatever other service set it to run during such emergencies.

The Electric Door Lock: Have you ever left the house and then wondered on the road about whether or not you locked the house door? Well, most of us do!


Thankfully, the electric door lock solved this problem. It is connected to the central control panel which allows you to verify the status and also close/open your door even when you are not home.


It’s better to be safe than sorry!

With these all these components, you can rest assured that your home is secured. But as a warning, do not rely entirely on just the above-listed components. Just be sure to follow up with the latest trends to keep up with new upgrades you may be interested in.